Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"Wild Horses...

.... could'nt drag me away"
Great guitar hero of mine, besides Saul Hudson( Slash), and B.B. King, Gilby Clarke gives out this rock n roll image and vibe that i really admire when i was a teenager and even now for all the right reasons, he makes the worn out black vintage T's and black leather pants looks awesome on a hell rider sorta biker image, former second guitarist for the argueable best rock band ever "Guns n Roses", and also a custom motorcycle enthusiast, he sure has that flare for some old school stylin bikes, which i really dig, he's got quite a collection of sweet lookin Panheads, seems like a humble guy besides his celebrity status, recently Gilby Clarke was involved in a motorcycle accident, broke both his foot i think, hope he recovers soon and you can check him out on his blog for more story and what he's up to. click on----> GUITAR

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