Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Italian Wonder

Before her racing days, she terrorized the streets with mostly stock but i got her all derestrict.
Race"able", her first day on the tracks, with new rubbbers,( i wore a helmet but carelessly did not put on my race jacket and safety knee slider paddings, big mistake) crashed on the first hairpin turn, hit my head, blackedout for like 5 seconds, sat my body up, moped still running, got back on the Runner and head back to the pits, it was a blistering day, but i could tell, that it was blood running from my elbows and knees, keeping a straight face, wipe and disinfect every scrapes and missing skin, i just put on my gear and started the race, no wins but great times, too bad they closed the tracks these days, just another wasteland for the corporate BS.

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