Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Moody..but with respect.

Not much of bloggin today, down with another cold, throat feels like i swallowed a 180 grit sanding paper, but thats no worse reason to complain, i visited a friend who i'm really sure got rear ended and left for dead in the gutter by a wreckless and irresponsible driver two days ago, but no eyewitness to the tragedy, he was riding alone. When i visited him this morning, he was still heavily sedated, punctured lungs from broken ribs, broken collar bone, big gash on one of his leg, my heart goes to his families, i really wish for his speedy recovery, a great guy with all smiles attitude, good and well discipline rider, respected among friends, " Road Captain" for the local HOG Chapter. Fight that will to live " Zul", my prayers goes to you.