Friday, January 29, 2010

Have a great speedy weekend!


I've been called a lot of things in my life but nothing anyone says or have said, made me feel down or give up on whatever shit life has to offer for me, a poser, a know it all, you know all that, maybe some just cant stand being rejected(maybe), but what the hey, same goes to that guy flying on his creations, he's been shit talked a lot, look at him now, i guess his SFW attitude got him going....that, i respect.

Sugar rush

even with me not smoking is sometimes a bless for my health sake, miss it?, of course i do but that crave would easily be broken by just the thought of me being sick at the end of the day like a bad hangover, so i'm well over it, but this sweet tooth is on the other hand is not so easy, especially after food or a hot day and a bucket o' sweats later.....the crave is unbearable......i'm sure in need of a baaaad hostess!

Greaser Jam

"Jam" Rockabilly, my RAMG brother, respect your loyalty man, thanks for today, appreciate it!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Shiny old "Bum"

Took this photo when i was in Singapore a few years ago, it was sitting on display like a bum who almost nobody noticed, at the airport, a quite nice restored 2 stroke harley davidson Hummer, heck i'd throw some coins for it!


"Don't feel that much "Drive" today, well, make it this whole week, hopefully tomorrow's a good day, weekends coming too fast i guess, i'm beginning to feel the wear, and noooo not the age, just the routines all too tense and "physically" i am tired, i wish it was a passionate tiredness thats hitting me with better outcome(financially helping passion kind)and all this unexpose debts are really killing me too, i'm stuck, not trapped but a real hard knot to undone, this city is not good for my talents and it sorta blows now...


The great rows of music makers....


Mr. Veroland on Sam's FucXR.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bag it or Baguette...

"It's "BAG" to basics.....unless,

it's french bread you're talking about.

Italian Wonder

Before her racing days, she terrorized the streets with mostly stock but i got her all derestrict.
Race"able", her first day on the tracks, with new rubbbers,( i wore a helmet but carelessly did not put on my race jacket and safety knee slider paddings, big mistake) crashed on the first hairpin turn, hit my head, blackedout for like 5 seconds, sat my body up, moped still running, got back on the Runner and head back to the pits, it was a blistering day, but i could tell, that it was blood running from my elbows and knees, keeping a straight face, wipe and disinfect every scrapes and missing skin, i just put on my gear and started the race, no wins but great times, too bad they closed the tracks these days, just another wasteland for the corporate BS.

Local Trumpet

.....would've been better in my hands, if you asked me, too bad.


.....killing time again before picking up my son from school.


Look what came in the mail today, some cool freebies FTWco. and CoC stickers from Jeff Wright of church of choppers, also a Sinner from Des Moines, Iowa, been following the CoC blog for since i dont remember when, everything and anything for the love of two wheels, if you like all sorts of bikes that is, like me, i'm into anything two wheels really, i even used to race mopeds, i see FTWco. are doing a great Ride Mapping project on the for all riding enthusiast all over the world, there's even one slot ready for my country, which i will consider of doing some post's, it's pretty cool, so checkout Jeff and the other contributers on Church of Choppers Blog, btw thanks again for the cool stickers Jeff!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Perfect Bagger.


...hmmmmmm scratch, scratch!


.....i still want this for my present!!

Brit Mobil....

Went down to my hometown today for some errand, thought i'd pop to see a friend, but he wasn't home, so i decided to head back u turn and straight home( which is almost 100 miles away) and i took a slight notice under this one stilt house, it was at a distance and my eyes werent that of a 18year old, it sorta lied to me for awhile, i seriously thought it was a 50's Chevy or a Caddy from far!, i decided to head straight to it and well enough, got the truth to the deceiving eyes, quad headlights, grill and that " HUMBER" emblem on the front but what the hey, it's a find, i dont know much about the facts of this maybe late 50's and 60's classic Brit( as the owner was not home for any infos)but i did googled it and found out that it has quite a "gut" a straight 6 kind! not bad!?, well that got me it for sale?, hmmmmm more history lessons and homework on it and maybe get to meet the owner one day??....just maybe...

When i grow up....

....... i wanna be a Toyota 2.0 TWIN CAM!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Have a great weekend!

Dyna idea for my friend LJ, who is scratching his head trying to do a fix up on his new Superglide, anything is possible brother!

Snakepit Karma

When my friend crashed his gixxer years ago, he did not have much to get new plastics for his bike so he got it re- fibred and plastered it perfect, so one thing was left to be done was the paintjob( cuz he could'nt afford to get the original stickers too) i came in to help him out with the paint and a little extra for him, since he was a guitarist for his band and a real " Slash" fan, i did the snakepit boa from the album cover of Slash's Snakepit on his tailside, but i guess he had some bad omen or sumthing, clearcoat still soft, he crashed the bike again two days after it was all about bad karma.

70's Muscle( metric)

My friend's tricked out 70's Toyota Celica GT, only one here with the winged doors(something i really dont like on a car door) but all the same an awesome turnout, wished he made a coupe style suicide door, but then again thats just me...

I'm a Ninja!

"Stoppies and Wheelies practice few years ago, we had this open space with long asphalt that was seriously under utilised, so it started with a few friends who rides sports bikes, doin their thing with their bikes on the weekends, got together and every week the crowd gets bigger n bigger, the scene kinda looked like that movie with " Kid Rock" in it, doin the street race.....what was it called?, anyways, guys were practically having party's n bbq's( well, before the "PO-PO's" raided and stopped everything later in the year) it was an awesome turnout while it lasted anyways, checkout the 2nd picture of this kid with his new Ninja....yeah well he crashed that course!?


K7 Gixxer tank i painted years ago, guy was into Playstation but wanted the PS2 style with a Suzuki emblem incorporated on.