Tuesday, January 12, 2010

my " Belle"

needs a bit of facelifting, those pipes have got to go, i need to see more of her motor but enough clearance for a kickstarter, still need to get the perfect adjustments for the rear calipers to get my wheels all the way back and extend the chain links to fit me a nice rear fender plus smaller sprockets just for the ratio sake, the fronts i am still deciding on a 21" spool or maybe lace me a 40 spokes 18" front spool, no rush on that area although i do need to totally change the top sheetmetal look, wassel, modified sporty peanuts, egg shaped tanks....i dunno, those dished ILL are great, but i guess i'll keep it as my paperweight hahhaha and handlebars too, whats that gonna be?. There are issues and debates about my foot controls too, leave em forward(killing my back with the low risers), mids(i'm considering, but really major fab work for the left side foot clutch), frisco(has to go with everything, handlebar positionings, tank mounts, air cleaner clearance, or what if a Joe hunts magnetos are in the plan???) major homework to be done....but i'm just too busy having fun ridin her right now so, again i say, no rush....


  1. yeeeiiyy... a kicker..!! sweeet...!!

  2. yeah bor, i'm really hopeful for it, but right now i'm just too poor hehehe...