Saturday, February 27, 2010


" If i have to hang my gas tank and save the painstaking hours of artwork on it, i guess the "Pinche" frisco(if my wallet swells) tank will be the saviour or a semi frisco egg shaped tank, some replacement gas tanks i've been eyeing on even before my IL tank was spoiled, i know, i gotta go with frisco, love the style too much to kill it..."


" I've used before, some i tried on were friends owned, great for protections especially when on a crotch rocket, but those whiplash effects on the back of the neck.....sore!, no more crotch rockets, no more heavy lids...done it, i'm happy with what i'm into now and always be.."


" i want! "

Sleeveless Denims

"Checkout the dudck with the Sleeveless Denims, duuuuck....he's the real deal" quack!

Good air..

" I'm still considering the Goodson aircleaner, when the ka-chings flows well."

Can you say Flat Head?

" Oh my flattie..."

Friday, February 26, 2010

Past, present, future..

"Her", back then, i love changes, why? cos i have only one and too poor to have another, well not yet anyways, i wont lie, when it all sums up, it's gonna be a rigid wishbone, at least a reproduction 80ci Panhead, kick only, a 30's style VL springer or a Servi-car style( if i can get hold of one)fronts, slims or balloon rollers, dont know yet, so "Belle" my evo softail will be my reliable baby for the rough rides of the bullshit terrains and potholes ridden asphalt and my rigid build will be the drama queen of bar hoppers, so dont wait up, i'm building up that dream on my own, so....shooo!"

Haul Ass

" When you got to be a trailer queen, do it like a king..."

Shut Up!

" Yeah no rear fenders, well not yet anyways, so just shut up, the bitch wont fall off anytime soon..."

Thursday, February 25, 2010


I will be posting something, maybe?, i dunno, later, well eventually by the end of the, it's gonna be another long weekend, i know some people are smiling a wide ear to ear grin sorta way, well until later...

p/s: you still sound like a retard eff U and to the other one, more is best! cry to the cops when you can't handle it..( that's me spreading the love! whatever)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

Friday, February 19, 2010

Metal Mulisha

" Brian Deegan" of the Metal Mulisha Crew.....rules!"

Pictures courtesy of his site.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year

to all my chinese friends and a great Tiger(not the can type) year! growwlll...

Like them...

"Chopper Dave Freston" or "Chopperdave" as i would remember him by from few years ago, i remember watching him and Indian Larry from the Discovery Channels of when Jesse James of West Coast Choppers built a bike bound for a long trip on the August Black Hills run "Sturgis Bike Rally", back then almost everybody who's into the chopper scene knows and wants to be close related to the WCC scene( heck even me), no offence, i still respect and love what JJ and the WCC crew has to offer to this day, it's to me just mind blowing on how much an icon Jesse James could be as a normal blue collar guy,mechanic,welder,father or husband and businessman but i took notice of his handyman at that time too, Bill Dodge and Chopperdave, i knew then that these guys were the real cool acts, i love their styles and especially how their bikes looked, i mean c'mon skinny tires Panhead/Knucklehead running machines against high end WCC bikes??, and i see the beauty in those oil leaking vintage more than a five thousand dollar paintjob bike??, something must be wrong with me or thats just the reason why back then most of my HOTBIKE magazines were all handovers and StreetChopper mags were bought??, they both dont work for the company now but i still follow them throughout their "self employed" journeys building and making the coolest stuff nowadays, Dave has his "Casting Co." and Bill with his "Blings Cycles" maybe different in styling but all the same for the love of two wheels checkout Chopperdave's and Blings Cycles

Pictures taken from their sites.

Pin Up Queen

Bettie Page tribute

Fab werk

"Maybe this will look weirdly fabulous on my spring fronts??"

Monday, February 15, 2010

Long Weekend...

Surprise from my ol' lady, new cell.....still learning as i blog this!!

Birthday cake in the iPhone....

Party illuminations....


Getaway view.....

Sunrise Beach...

Sunrise Room....

Still life....

Sundrops saviour....


Sandspot "Roaquin"( my 2nd son)

Scuba Shakin' "Adam"( my 1st son)

Hang with the brothers, Acoustic night in town....

V'day chillout, music and rides....

New cell, birthday partys, getaways and showing some support for a brothers band, what a long weekend worths spending with the best company, beautiful wife, sons and my brothers, could'nt ask for more....ok, ok so i'm still on the damn HD2!, probably will be for the following week....