Saturday, August 28, 2010


Hard Ride Yesterday

Had a whole day of ridin and chillin, me and a few of the guys rode until it was dinner time....hung out with Jap Loh (Tattoo Artist) "Jappie" of the Warpigs MC Singapore who came to visit and hangout with the RAMG while on a business trip touching up some of his previous clients Ink here in my locals, so we hang a bit then head for home.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rootbeer Float

This is a very good idea if you wanna run with your "old lady" behind you on a rigid, you can both bounce at the same time...wished i thought of this idea....the " Floating Seat"

Thursday, August 19, 2010


The bike, still standing by the frame....

The fuel tank seen further on the photo by the curbside, and from what i heard they said the guy flew across the other side of the opposite lane(thats what i heard)

The frontend, about 3yards away....

accident this evening, a rocket and a stationwagon......hope the guy makes it, safe ride everyone, you don't know where there might be some asshole on 4s gunning the amber lights.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

No more....

..Goosebumps up my neck thinking that my tires gonna give anytime soon, pulled out the Snap -Ons, a car jack, took it to the nearest tire change station and about an hour of greased up "Rockout" hand, she's standing on her new shoe, too bad for the weather, can't wait to get back on the road and do what i do best...

Tanks to think...

The enormously huge "Cojones" big budget Pinche gas tank..
The most wanted "Egg" shaped tank...

The infamous "Wassel" gas tank....

..about real soon, those leaks wont hold on much longer and yes, i refuse to repair it due to my hard work on the paintjob, i may well hang it up somewhere than to destroy the artwork completely to repair those damn leaks so, the options are made and i will toss a coin when the budget rolls in.

No Escape...

..i guess, even big shot sportswear designers get mind blocks and they come up with this design??? "Sugar Skulls???" NIKE?? , everybody wants to cash in on it nowadays nothing is sacred and the scene as we know it has been utterly sodomised, i guess they , "Just DID it....."

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Either you ride...

....or make some music.


...for her pleasure, all 21inch of it...i love it when guys like Fed Ex or the UPS pull upfront straight to the doorway and present me stuff like this(until they show me the duty charges that is)

Friday, August 13, 2010


....rides or just plain "Looks Cool On Ya" jackets that i really need to own these days, i was never much of a Dickies guy but more of those sweet brand Carhartt lovers, i've been most familiar with their stuff for awhile now, to count?, most of my slacks are Carhartt brands and countable Dickies slacks or cut offs but "fashion wise" ( not to sound like i don't know whats gone mainstream these days) they're both seem pretty rad...but i'm cheap these days so, i'll go with the Dickies Lined Team Jacket,( just because the "Eisenhower Jackets" are overated these days) which i opted for a black coloured one( shown navy blue on 2nd pic), although i would love to own the Carhartt on the top pic, maybe i will, next time when my cash flows like butter...blargh blablah blah blah....

Monday, August 9, 2010

Cuts Off..

Hang with the guys yesterday, for rides, eats and sunday hooplas(whatever that means) Alain from Bikemonkies Blog was there too, bar(eatout)hopping on his rat bike( although dissapointed with the Taco Stand being unusually closed that day ahahahah) but the guys did get a Kebab substitude just across the shack. Then went for a little lane splitting since our cuts were off so, wth??!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

"C" is for cookie

My old lady bakes, so click COOKIE if you love em sweet( for local orders only) or visit their Facebook link here.

Sunset ride n Taco Shack

Yesterday afternoon i went out for a ride, just thought i'd catch the sunset but the gloomy skies did nothing for the chilly breeze from my 80mph run, so i decided to go for that Tortilla shack from before, thought i'd stop for a "Taco" from what i heard was a new menu(actually advertised on that kid "Dani's" Facebook page) thought maybe just hang and talk motorcycle stuff since he was really into it, so i stopped by and Dani wasn't there but the owner who also happens to be and old friend Jenny, was.
So i ordered as what i've had in mind to have, a nice meaty Taco, made a new friend too, "Frank" or was it "Freddy", so if i got your name wrong here buddy, i'm really sorry, i'm not that good with names but nice guy non the less...anyways, best damn Taco, go there if your my local and try the other menus at the Cabanna Shack( i think thats what it's called) So i continued my ride back home just before dusk sets in and my iPod's battery went dead( which always suck when i'm splittin lanes and Sepultura goes mute).

Friday, August 6, 2010

Those vintage dad's photos..

I got this one off a restaurant owner a few nights ago, friends of a relative, old photo of his dad hanging on the wall, him on a Triumph in old time Singapore.
This was my club Enforcer's Dad, when he was an "Enforcer" himself back then, on a vintage BSA.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Greasers Temple one of the place where i do my daily walks, go visit here.

Those Black..

....and White photos with my Gratis best things in life.


Reproduction Genuine Indian Unity Headlights, i think i wanna let go for a fair price, here's a reference of how it looks on two seperate style and mountings on my bike i did years ago, it's used but hey, parts are parts...