Friday, January 1, 2010

TQ Bert

He is truly the mad scientist for trannys!, at least now i know what to get for my stock transmission, a sweet lookin and reliable kickstarter which so i've learnt is supposedly be better than any bolt ons kickstarter kit, the F5K fit for my 93evo, ok so i dont run a shovelhead but what the hey, this is supposed to be my own honest build, the only old motor you could find in my country is an 80's shovel, and that's not even for sale!?, so whatever fuck, at least it's a carburated evo, still a classic if u asked me, so in nature of having everything looking old but new, i'm opting for this kit in the near future, just need to findout more tech about it, since i'm running a cable foot clutch, i just need to get more info on the cable version kits since the picture on top looks more like for a hydraulic clutch setup, until then, BAKER rules!!

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