Sunday, March 28, 2010

Earth hour last night..

helped sort out a clutch problem for a friend and not exactly "Zero" watts off the electricity, i guess we wont be joining the "Darkside"?!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday's Gone...

.......with the wind, such a lazy day today, woke up late and pretty much nothing to get hyped about and the days almost over, maybe a short sunset ride later if the BS weather and all this poisonous haze subside..IF!.

He's cool also...

Great talents, lack in credits but i'm a Jesse Rooke fan, and i do think his stuff rule.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Fun begins..

My son Adam, starts his school holidays this Friday, that means i dont get to wake up early and at the most exciting, i could do more late night rides which is always awesome, cuz the motor will sing in a pretty sweet tempo at night, so i'm pretty stoked about it and hope they'll be a coupla' guys who's up for some windy night chill rides!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Being a weekend father is better than just being a weekend's worth it! how was yours?

Friday, March 12, 2010

What it should have been about....

I know getting our bikes to look awesome, cool, shiny on some, but lets put that aside for awhile and look in through our soul on the short times we have on this planet, these days with nothing is new in this lifestyle of cnc,lathe machine work, water jets, casting even, parts are parts, everybody is doing it for money perhaps?? hey, you gotta survive right?, so there's no "who's on top now" no "who's the best", my mind is all reved up on doing more rides on my standardly "enhanced" motorcycle on debate of which i dont care for people saying not a ground up build, not a real classic, just parts ordered and bolted on, well, to those haters and "real builders", there's no swap meet, no vintage, no experienced parts fabricators no nothing here, even if i have to save up a fortune to get the parts i wanted and ordered it from overseas, which to me is always overpriced when reach my country, with the 20% tax on all automotive parts thats 20% from actual price of origin plus shipping tax and then converted, and thats not the end of it, it's either the parts arrives or it doesnt or the wrong parts...but because i cant be bothered to return wrongly shipped parts, i just "make" it work on my bike, so dont define the word "bolt on" for me, almost 80% of the parts i have on my bike are not "Bolted directly On", it's a forward and back to the machining shop sorta situation here for me, not easy, even hired help are hard to find, i got a guy to tig weld a gas cap bung for me once, he nailed it perfect, and another case, i got another different guy to weld a rib on the centre of my tank, i did the painstaking paint work on it but only a few weeks of riding i found out about dozens of pin hole sized leaks on my tank and on it's way to spoiling my paintjob, go figure...
So, don't talk to me about whats next on my list of "Bolt Ons", next time when you see me, talk about rides, where, and stories about your experience outdoors on the roads, as far as i'm concern, even with the shiny parts i run or how awesome you think my bike looks, those are just bike talks and i dont want to know what you have "Plan" for your rides, how about what you have plan "FOR" rides, where you off to, or how cool your rides have been, who you met, maybe i don't get that much chance for tour rides and travel but i try to make do on what i have here locally, i'm really stoked on doing more "Camp and Rides", something meaningful to do besides talking whats the latest from this catalog or that catalog, so join me on some fun, rides, food and doing what it should have been about and forget all the bullshit, cos at the end of the day, going even 80mph, they will only see you as a rider on two wheels...unless you're the bar hopper type!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Out ridin yesterday, awesome tunes setup on the pod, nice weather, handlebars needs a bit of getting used to from the chop, a bit heavy on the frontend and i think i need a lower rise for it, i have had the new Slimeline risers from Biltwell Inc. in mind for awhile now, so that should be a perfect solution, or maybe needs a bit of custom touch to it since it doesnt say anything for springer trees bolts, anyways it should look a lil more simpler than a euro brass or the standard brass dogbones what have yous...and the rear fenders that i needed to fit, well didnt fit, so i just need to wait for some other donor i guess, or maybe make one, i dunno...till then and like always, i'll ride her as is for now.

Picture taken by a friend who saw me on the freeway and e-mailed me it!( my face was so candid dude, you'd think i'd swallowed a bug or sumthin, hence the Jason mask, but thanks anyways!)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Reverend...

Deckster or "Decky" good friend, cinematographer, greasyhand (middle) turns 40, happy birthday bor, checkout his blogs here n here

Monday, March 8, 2010

Bar Chop..

Choppin new stuff are "not new" to me...

it's simple, i like it!

That's why it's called a sweeper, must be the slight bend...