Thursday, April 14, 2011

Heroes... me, don't always mean those guys that are always in the limelight of things, famous or presumabaly the trendsetting "cool dudes" in this whole motorcycle what have yous lifestyle...i'm more respectful towards those guys who comes in 3rd or even 6th on show bikes events or "hey have you seen this cool bike but dont know who the heck built it?" yeah those guys...especially when you get to know how cool and down to earth sorta guys they are because they are one of us, normal guys who's into the same shit with a whole lot of different or as equal perspectives rolling down that same road or journey as you.

I'll put an example towards this guy, "Jeremy Cupp" of LC Fabrications, this cool individual knows exactly where i stand and understood my hardship where living in less than fortunate of having cool parts or parts to be crafted as you wished that the bunch of machine shops around where i live would machine parts that only you would dream of having to be made!, so the story goes, i purchased a cool part for my recent unfinish project from his prestigious company of great craftsmanship( really!, i dig this guys work!!)a few months back which i kept for awhile and fitted on my bike project to mock it up....or so...and somehow being clumsy and a little bit of that bad luck glowing on my back, i dropped a crucial part of the unit( which was made out of pyrex glass) and broke it into pieces...literally! well, you could tell how i felt there and then with profanity was a mouthful beyond the physical act i had towards the incident, i now i had to purchase a new set of the item which i have got, well about 45% of the item i got to contact Jeremy on the matter and only to tell him that it's only fair that i would order a new unit no matter what the cost was, told him how great his craftsmanship was and would not turn back on any other option but to have a new set from him.....he replied that it was cool, he understood the mishaps and he'd be happy to just ship me the replacement parts that i needed!! Now THAT'S a Rockstar in my book of heroes for the "Anti Hero". Be inspired and represent your heroes, don't try to be them, but do try to be LIKE them with your own attitude and individuality.(whatever fuck that means too)