Friday, December 24, 2010

Xmas Present... a form of chinese newspaper??, well i got my bars back from the platters today, not a high dollar job but i guess it's "whatever", so lets tune in when i get to put it up and have my fun on some runs, in the mean time i'm going for a breakaway with the family, happy holidays everyone and have a great New Year ahead, Sleeveless Denims signing off and living life on two wheels forever.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bling Session..

Polishing a buddy's T-bar while mine is sittin on the table...

could we chrome a horse in this tank ??

at the chromers today...well as the saying goes "chrome wont get you home?" well " black wont get you back" either so we're all stuck here in this forever debating chrome,black,powdercoat,anodized,no paint, paint,primer dull, gloss, flat black, matte black,satin black, baby flakes,standard flakes, monster flakes,gold leaf,silver leaf, variegated gold, pinstripe or even cultivated rust.......damn! be artistic! follow your instinct, if you have to copy something off anything you like to see on your own work, do it, but make sure you do it by influence and innovation, make it cool with your own flare, "Art" imitates life, in the true sense from the actual turnaround, hey, beggars can be dreamers too...not everybody has everything and i'd be rich if i patent every "One" of my ideas.

Back home..

...last night, off to the chromers later.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Handle it my way..

...cos even handmade one offs are ridiculously expensive to be "made to order", so i opted for something with my own design and a no limit budget on how rigid i want them to be, so i got two buddies of mine Siran and Halid( superb welder and 4x4 junkie) to follow on some dimensions and design i had on paper with rusted calculating done, i guided them through it and it was pretty easy from there on, it looks good, felt good on my bike, i'm stoked and cant wait to have my own springer narrows to be done so i can send them off for chrome...

Dear Santa...

....i just wanna match those with my T-shirt, thanks!

Perfect PAUSE..

..mount brackets i desperately in need of!!

Leverage is what i need..

...and i want these both on my collection shelf but maybe using one for my current ride!


Pegs, are Suweet!


Monday, November 29, 2010