Friday, November 19, 2010

BMX Daze Days..

Bell Moto 3 BMX

Vans BMX

Loving those years growing up in my "semi ghetto" hometown, every aspect of rebelious ways, not gettin that full attention from the "Rents", Trouble came almost second nature to us like bestfriends(almost!)
So, our mode of transportation from town to town, along the beaches, across the perfect groomed Golf Clubs fairways( always gets us in trouble with the Security with their lame golf carts chasing after us) was, our lightened off of our kickstands, reflectors, seat pads and chopped unwanted mounts and sometimes some would con our way into swapping spokes steel wheels with maybe some chick friends riding with plastic spoke ones!
BMX, we could'nt go by in a day without them, i remember one time flying off to Singapore and went into my first Toys'R'Us , and begging my dad to get me one of those Moto3 BMX helmets(which he never did) well i got one now dad!, although a different genre in two wheel terrorizing!, but it was all too sweet memories with friends that i grew up with and the influence of movies like BMX Bandits, E.T. and i wanna re- LIVE that! for health and you damn right it's for my sense of fun!


  1. nobody ever really grow old...I guess...hehehe

  2. yeah, i guess too bor....well, i'll accept the "Grow Wiser" part though! lol