Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Some ask..

why i prefer skinny's....i don't have any "cool ways to answer" like, "would you go for fat or skinny chicks" that sorta questions or "period correct" ones too, all i can say is, they handle better going fast, dry or wet days, yes i ride fast, i have to admit, i've ridden on some slightly fat tires or wide wheels like 180's and even 200 rears, i don't mind those 180's though but once it gets to 200 width....hmmm it gets ridiculously scary let alone those newer 360 tires(never tried), even on a low cruiser when doing corners and i've ridden sportsbikes before and they have nothing in common when doing fast cornerings, so no knuckle busters here...just my thoughts on logic and things that works!

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