Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fish Oil

So, my Prez got his bike in the garage complaining of excess oil leaks from the front crankcase, i took a "praying position" and took a swab with my trusty fingers and found out that it was from the front pulley(stator side) so i told him that he needed a seal change.....yada yada yada...and today when the primary back plate finally removed....i saw something fishy!! i don't know the history of who installed his open belts or who had their hands on it last???, but one thing i know, that "Seal" don't seem right.....


  1. With belt drives, some people put the seal in "backwards" so the lip on the seal is inside the case, not outside. It's supposed to make the shaft more oil tight, and prevent mainshaft leaks.

    I've done them both ways, and I never noticed a difference in either way being more oil tight. If you distort the steel ring when you install that seal, or stretch the spring itself, it'll leak no matter which way it went in.

    I'd also look for oil coming down the shaft splines themselves, and from the case screw holes for the plastic stator wire retainer. Sometimes, those holes go all the way through the case.

  2. thanks for the info Rich, i never knew that!, but we put it the right way in though, and works fine(now)as from before, the leaks were literaly drying the oil bag after every run!, but great info non the less! thanks again.