Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sunset ride n Taco Shack

Yesterday afternoon i went out for a ride, just thought i'd catch the sunset but the gloomy skies did nothing for the chilly breeze from my 80mph run, so i decided to go for that Tortilla shack from before, thought i'd stop for a "Taco" from what i heard was a new menu(actually advertised on that kid "Dani's" Facebook page) thought maybe just hang and talk motorcycle stuff since he was really into it, so i stopped by and Dani wasn't there but the owner who also happens to be and old friend Jenny, was.
So i ordered as what i've had in mind to have, a nice meaty Taco, made a new friend too, "Frank" or was it "Freddy", so if i got your name wrong here buddy, i'm really sorry, i'm not that good with names but nice guy non the less...anyways, best damn Taco, go there if your my local and try the other menus at the Cabanna Shack( i think thats what it's called) So i continued my ride back home just before dusk sets in and my iPod's battery went dead( which always suck when i'm splittin lanes and Sepultura goes mute).

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