Friday, August 13, 2010


....rides or just plain "Looks Cool On Ya" jackets that i really need to own these days, i was never much of a Dickies guy but more of those sweet brand Carhartt lovers, i've been most familiar with their stuff for awhile now, to count?, most of my slacks are Carhartt brands and countable Dickies slacks or cut offs but "fashion wise" ( not to sound like i don't know whats gone mainstream these days) they're both seem pretty rad...but i'm cheap these days so, i'll go with the Dickies Lined Team Jacket,( just because the "Eisenhower Jackets" are overated these days) which i opted for a black coloured one( shown navy blue on 2nd pic), although i would love to own the Carhartt on the top pic, maybe i will, next time when my cash flows like butter...blargh blablah blah blah....

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