Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spend a little...

...to make things work! So, I got this Streamline Designs Internal throttle by Austin Weiss plus It's DOT( "department of transport" if you haven't known that yet already) approved, although I have had used an internal throttle kit years ago that was utterly crap, but who could blame for the prices you're ONLY willing to pay for a predictable quality right? But for a design like the Streamline I.T., you get what you pay for, tried and tested it last night with a junk handlebar I had lying around and it worked flawlessly plus it was undoubtedly very easy to install especially with the "Wedge" end as the anchor no drilling, nothing but of course you still need to cut your handlebars for the custom fit length but if you do get that loose fit from the wedge edge locking from an oversized i.d. handlebar nothing a custom fitting know hows can't do....if it don't fit, MAKE it fit!

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