Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Start pissin somewhere..

...or better yet,"Somehow" with the lack of resources and even good ol' friendly help, I could have saved alot! Cheap rebuilds are next to impossible to none! WTF is going on with the picture here??, though Monopoly is a fun game but in the real world, it's just plain sucks...even this rants don't help me to get over it, so whatever fuck, got this new starter to get ol' Belle going again( yeah it's chromed, cos I was mad) and to the guys who handles the Toyota parts, you can suck my fuckin dick! Dicks! That's for fucking laughing at me when I told you to look for some internal parts for my starter and dismissing me, saying " we dont do motorcycles, you talk to me about cars, we know, you talk about motorcycles? How the heck should we know anything about motorcycles!??" So fahaaaaak you!

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