Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Last Nights Session Felons..

...consist of old friends who takes in trash talks and "yo mama's" jokes without any monkey in their butt sorta attitude, thanks for the rad time, to your friendly neighborhood the old boys of inline skaters "B", KOO & friends and my boyos, JON, Die & Adeq, till our next session, you guys rule!


  1. Hey Ray, good to see you are up and running with what you enjoy the most. What's up with your FB account? I cant find your profile anymore. Maybe you are keeping it private now? Anyway have fun dude....from me.. your cyber friend.

  2. Hey there, yup my facebook has been deactivated, I'm pretty much down to blogging and Twittering now....Follow me on Twitter @Daddyfrisco, ftw