Saturday, July 2, 2011

Where's my freakin gas tank!?

So it has officially been 5 friggin month now since I ordered my frisco model Detroit Bros Instigator gas tank, which some of you may recognise it as the vintage "Wassell" peanut design, with a patience level this close to vanishing and a refund threat, I manage to get the attention of the company's boss of from which I ordered the tank from (a recognise distributor which I won't mention) to do something about it and a promise of getting it shipped before the mid of this month.
So, nevermind the drama, now with an at last a tracking number at hand, all I have to do is wait and pray that It does reach here in one piece and I can start thinking about paint schemes or art designs on it, that's what I get for wanting quality parts sometimes...made in the Wtf? You say?

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