Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Dad used to drive an FJ40, it was "The" family car i remembered, a red one!, heck i always wanted one while growing up, i'm even relatively jealous everytime i see one rollin on the streets here, especially when i see one all tricked out like a mini big foot sorta, like the one my friend "Halid" the 4x4 dude has (pictured on the top) and always pestered my wife into letting her know my love for a Land Cruiser, well now i hope she'd be gaga over the new "FJ40"(pictured the rest which i got from the net), i've got nothing against new modern tech cars or bikes, especially when they stick with tradition and the all classic "true to the roots" look and my oh mah ow maaah! the new fj40 land cruiser will be in my top 4x4 list!

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