Wednesday, September 15, 2010

For a reason....

.....things happen, my Redwing Slip On boots got stolen a few years ago( top pic) had it for ages, i remembered having to que up tens of yards early one morning at the Redwing store just to get a pair when i was studying abroad in Singapore back in 94, when every Seattle scene looked cool wearing boots and i wanted one too, it totally sucked when i heard from my sister who broke the news to me cos she had the boots put out on her driveway, on the shoe rack and got stolen....seems like a lifetime to save up then in my teenage years just to own a pair but high time for me to own another from good ol' Redwings, so i'm looking at this fine fine boot now( 2nd pic) but from the looks of the price tag, i guess things don't's gonna be another lifetime of savings all over again.....


  1. Ray - we got a Red Wing store in KB !!

  2. i thought they closed down Will?? the one in Seria town??

  3. Nope, it's in the area behind Chemiland/Fratini's, give's a shout if you passing by.