Thursday, March 11, 2010


Out ridin yesterday, awesome tunes setup on the pod, nice weather, handlebars needs a bit of getting used to from the chop, a bit heavy on the frontend and i think i need a lower rise for it, i have had the new Slimeline risers from Biltwell Inc. in mind for awhile now, so that should be a perfect solution, or maybe needs a bit of custom touch to it since it doesnt say anything for springer trees bolts, anyways it should look a lil more simpler than a euro brass or the standard brass dogbones what have yous...and the rear fenders that i needed to fit, well didnt fit, so i just need to wait for some other donor i guess, or maybe make one, i dunno...till then and like always, i'll ride her as is for now.

Picture taken by a friend who saw me on the freeway and e-mailed me it!( my face was so candid dude, you'd think i'd swallowed a bug or sumthin, hence the Jason mask, but thanks anyways!)