Monday, February 1, 2010

These has to go....

My bike, bars in Chrome.
RSD advert pic. bars in Raw.

Still looks sweet on my bike, but i just have to let it go, you know what they say, "Changes" is what keeps us going sometimes, i'm still deciding on turn down clubmans for that draggy tracker look or a simple narrow mini apes for a conventional look...time is ticking, once it's off then i'm left with no bars and i guess no rides!!!??


  1. 1 vote for the clubman... but do consider your back, and shifting position bor... going for the midcontrols..??

  2. that's why the consideration and hard thinkin bor....mids will be a long process job here, need a quick decision though, i'll be left with no bars soon!!

  3. if it's going to be a quick one, then the apes seems a swift solution... but find one with narrow bottom to accomodate the narrow top of the springer... after that, you could start fabricating the mids to match the clubman... hehehehehe...